WATCH: Reckless driver in Rowner ‘could have killed a child’

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THIS is the shocking moment a reckless driver mounted a pavement outside a busy school – as scores of children were leaving.

The dashcam footage was recorded outside Peel Common Junior School, in Rowner, on Friday afternoon.

Dashcam footage of the vehicle mounting the pavement near Peel Common Junior School (credit: Terry Williams)

Dashcam footage of the vehicle mounting the pavement near Peel Common Junior School (credit: Terry Williams)

It shows a driver of the large, silver 4x4-style vehicle driving along the pavement at speed to avoid congestion outside the school, in The Drive.

Recorded by Terry Williams, of Lee-on-the-Solent, the footage as since been watched more than 132,000 times.

The 56-year-old, who was picking up his nine-year-old grandson at the time, has condemned the impatient driver’s actions.

Speaking to The News, he said: ‘I was totally shocked. There were so many parked cars and children coming out.

‘All it would have taken was for a kid to step out from in front of one of them – there would have been no way he could have stopped.

‘It was crazy and stupid. It could have killed someone.’

Mr Williams, of Skipper Way, reported the incident to Hampshire police.

His wife, Vanessa, who was in the car was also appalled by the driving.

Commenting under the video on Facebook, she said: ‘Defied belief, they were going so fast too. Can’t believe they could do this!’

Others on Facebook also condemned the driver.

John Lawrence wrote: ‘How ignorant some people can be. Can’t believe this person did this outside of a school.’

Neil Blanks added: ‘I really am glad that this was shown to the police. That driver is a menace and an idiot. Somebody could have been killed.’

The traffic delay was caused by a school bus in the road.

Mr Williams added that it only took about five minutes to clear.

‘I am surprised at how many people have watched the video,’ Mr Williams added.

The school was unavailable for comment at this time.

However, The News understands that the site has been informed of the footage.