What was that loud bang in Gosport?

Credit: Shaun Roster
Credit: Shaun Roster
On the panel, from left, Caroline Dinenage MP, Jullie Gallagher of Hampshire County Council's trading standards team, and Amy Rutter of Gosport's Citizens Advice Bureau. Scam Smart event at Thorngate Hall, Gosport          Picture: Chris Moorhouse

MP’s event helps residents to get ‘Scam Smart’

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People in Gosport have taken to social media in a state of confusion after a loud bang was heard in the town.

Facebook users said that the bang earlier this morning had come from towards the harbour, but were uncertain of what had caused it.

And naturally, there was a variety of suggestions - not of all of them serious.

One user said: ‘Could it be Sultan? I’m in Cambridge Road area and it was bloody loud.’

Another posted: ‘Came from dockyard direction and I’m not happy.’

While another, taking things to extreme with a musical reference, posted: ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!’

Most users have been in agreement that the noise probably came from the dockyards in Portsmouth, as part of activity by the Royal Navy.