Wheelchairs, tools and laptops heading to Africa

Lloyd Clewer, left, the founder of Farm4Life, with volunteer David Farr in front of the container
Lloyd Clewer, left, the founder of Farm4Life, with volunteer David Farr in front of the container
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TONS of medical and office equipment are on their way to Ghana thanks to big-hearted volunteers and donors.

Farm4Life, a charity based at the former Royal Hospital Haslar, in Gosport, yesterday sent a 40sq ft container to Tema in Africa.

The charity was founded by Lloyd and Karen Clewer, from Stubbington.

Since 2007, they have been sending useful equipment to Africa – including tools, wheelchairs, crutches, laptops, sports equipment, musical instruments and office furniture.

Mr Clewer said: ‘Our motto is that we work with the people who cannot help themselves.

‘We do not give money, we give them practical things they really need.

‘If we sent them office chairs and things to help them set up, we ask that they in turn support our building projects.

‘Just last week someone we helped in Africa donated £1,000.’

The charity was founded to help people in rural locations ‘sow the seeds of change’ but has since expanded.

All the equipment is taken apart and flat-packed so more can be squeezed in to the containers that regularly make their way to Africa.

The equipment is donated by charities, manufacturers, Southampton University and the owners of the Royal Hospital Haslar building.

Mr Clewer added: ‘We would like to thank the owners of Royal Haslar Hospital.

‘They have been extremely accommodating, letting us store everything there’.

The former military hospital is currently empty, pending planning permission for a housing development.

The charity works with hospitals in Ghana and other charities on the ground, including those which support blind children and people with cerebral palsy.

If you would like to help, a full list of donatable items is available on the charity’s website farm4life.org.

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