When to see Alex Thomson sail home tomorrow

Alex Thomson onboard his Hugo Boss  yacht Picture: Lloyd Images
Alex Thomson onboard his Hugo Boss yacht Picture: Lloyd Images
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Here’s the timetable for round-the-world yachtsman Alex Thomson’s return home to Gosport tomorrow.

8am Commence rigging Falklands Gardens for welcome home ceremony.

9am Falklands Gardens reception area preparations complete.

9.30am Councillors collect Robes from Town Hall.

Gosport Solent Brass set up in Falklands Gardens.

ATR commentator in place in Falklands Gardens.

GBC Stewards and marshallers in place at Falklands Gardens for crowd control (with parade of sail at 10.15am-11am the public will arrive before 10am).

10.10am Gosport Solent Brass start playing.

10.15am Councillors and sea cadets arrive at Falkland Gardens.

10.15am-11am Parade of Sailing from Spitbank Forts and around Portsmouth Harbour.

10.30am Councillors and Sea Cadets form a backdrop along the ferry pontoon where Hugo Boss will berth.

10.45am Mayor and council VIPs arrive on ferry pontoon to welcome Alex.

11am Hugo Boss arrives alongside Pontoon (as the boat arrives alongside, a commentator announces three cheers for Alex).

11.05am Alex invites the mayor and GBC VIPs to see inside Hugo Boss.

11.15am (approx) After Gosport Ferry passengers clear, councillors and Gosport sea cadets form guard of honour along the ramp to cheer Alex as he passes through with the mayor.

11.20am (approx) Mayor to speak honouring the achievements of Alex.

Alex will respond then will answer questions from the public.

11.45am (approx) Alex will go into the crowd an meet the public. During this time Alex Thomson Racing team is prepared to offer to supervise small groups for the opportunity to view Hugo from the ferry pontoon. They will not be able to board.

12.30pm-1pm Expected end of the homecoming.