A new reading challenge for South Downs College

The Six Read Challenge is running at South Downs College until the end of next month
The Six Read Challenge is running at South Downs College until the end of next month
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SOUTH Downs College has come up with a brand new initiative to get students reading in the library.

The initiative, which has been dubbed the Six Read Challenge, invites students to read, rate and review six different pieces of literature from the college library.

Students then make a record of their entries and are placed into a prize draw.

The texts can come from a variety of mediums – books, magazines, newspaper articles and websites all qualify for the competition.

The competition is being run by The Reading Agency, a charity that encourages people to share their enjoyment of reading, as well as the difference it makes in our lives.

Carey Winter, library co-ordinator at South Downs College, believes that challenges such as this are a fantastic way of getting students engrossed in what libraries have to offer.

She said: ‘The main goal of the challenge is, naturally, to encourage people to do more reading, but I think it goes deeper than that.

‘Everything we do, every thought we have, our entire lives are centralised around the ability to read.

‘By rating and reviewing what they read, it also encourages students to approach a text in a critical manner; that means that they can really engage with what they are reading, and hopefully get a lot more out of it.

‘For the most part, the Six Read Challenge is aimed at people who would not necessarily be reading much otherwise.

She added: ‘I think the most important part of this challenge is that it is not just about reading novels. It allows for diversity and is more likely to get people reading.

The challenge began at the start of the school term last month, and entries from students have to be completed before the end of March – everyone who is able to complete the challenge will also receive a certificate.

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