Car park changes to tackle overusage and cover maintenance costs

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CHANGES are being made to some car parks to help manage the increasing demand for spaces and to cover rising maintenance costs.

Some of Chichester District Council’s car parks will be introduced to the changes in April and the aim is to encourage people to use the less busy car parks, so the more popular ones become less crowded.

The season tickets offered across the district have been redesigned in order to cope with demand – some have been made cheaper, while tickets for some of the oversubscribed car parks are more expensive.

Two of the council’s busiest car parks, Northgate and New Park, will also see an increase in chargeable hours from 6pm-8pm, Monday-Saturday.

This change will be introduced on a trial basis for one year. In Northgate, visitors will pay 70p for one hour’s parking, or £1.50 for two. At New Park, it will be £1.20 for one hour, or £2.60 for up to two.

Bays offering free parking for 20 minutes will be introduced at the New Park Road car park to enable drivers to collect takeaways from local businesses.