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Trevor Slydell (left) with Brian Smith, who is taking over as chairman of the HIBC
Trevor Slydell (left) with Brian Smith, who is taking over as chairman of the HIBC
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THE bid to save Crimea Barn in Clanfield has been given a welcome boost from a district councillor.

The barn, which has been described by residents as ‘part of Clanfield’s fast-disappearing heritage’ is under threat due to Barrett Homes’ plans to turn the site into a housing development project.

The community & Parish Council wishes to raise the funds to carry out vital work in order for potential uses, sections of the Barn will be home for Parish Offices.

A museum & community facility alongside space offices for rent, to generate income, are part of the final vision for the barn.

Danny Stallard, 20, has described his joy at receiving a donation of £500 from ex district councilor Tony Denton, towards his Justgiving appeal for funding to save the Crimea Barn.

However, following on from this generous donation, Councillor Guy Shepherd has congratulated Danny and offered a further £1,000 from his devolved grant fund if the community can raise a further £500 in the next six weeks.

If successful, this would result in £2,000 becoming available towards the start of this community project.

Rosemary Clarke, chair of the Crimea Barns Working Group, said: ‘Even the mighty oak was once a little acorn – so we should all get behind Danny and make this happen.’

Crimea Barn – previously known as Down Farm barn – is made from flint walls which are in good condition.

However, the roof needs replacing and an outside courtyard also will be renovated to protect the bat-friendly wildlife, making an area of bio-diversity.

Since Councillor Shepherd made his donation, another Clanfield family has donated £100, meaning only £400 is left to raise.

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