Havant firm back on its feet after burglary forced it to shut

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A FIRM is now back on its feet exactly one year after being burgled for £25,000 worth of equipment, and losing £12,000 worth of trade.

As reported by The News, two thieves broke into TH Performance Ltd at Solent Trade Park in Havant last year, and were captured on CCTV but never caught.

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Mechanic Phil Webb, left, and business owner Terry Harborne say TH Performance is now doing well

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Mechanic Phil Webb, left, and business owner Terry Harborne say TH Performance is now doing well

Despite the setback, which was initially tough on the diesel-turning firm, business is back up and running according to the owner, 49-year-old Terry Harborne.

He said: ‘We had to close for a few weeks after the incident and it was really difficult for some months.

‘A lot of trade was lost because we didn’t have the equipment to do the jobs. I had to cancel bookings or send customers elsewhere.

‘The tools that the mechanic who was working for me at time brought with him had to be replaced out of my own pocket.

‘Other items were also replaced as we went along and we’re still doing that now, but we’re in a much better place.’

The police were unable to identify the criminals, who turned up outside the building in a van at 10.45pm on a Sunday.

They were wearing balaclavas and spent 45 minutes inside, taking with them when they left a 6ft by 4ft Snap On tool box, power tools and a compressor.

Mr Harborne added: ‘I’m still disappointed that it happened because it affected me and my family, and the other member of staff, who left two months after it happened, and his family.

‘I want to let customers know that we’re still here for vehicle tuning, services, and repairs on Volkswagen transporters.’

Now, Mr Harborne works with 61-year-old mechanic Phil Webb. He said: ‘For a mechanic, your tools are so important.

‘From the minute you become an apprentice you start to build up your kit, and so for someone to take that kit – they’re taking all your years of experience with them.

‘I love working at TH Performance because I’m combining my working life with my interest – I’m on the camping scene and I get to work with campervans everyday.

‘Myself and Terry have a lot of expertise and that’s why people come to us.

‘We are in with the specialist forums and clubs.

‘On a day-to-day basis we go out of our way to treat customers as one of our own.

‘I’m positive about the way business is going at the moment.’

Visit thperformance.co.uk.