Hayling traffic jam saw Asda stop deliveries for five days

The Asda in Havant would have been where the customer's goods came from
The Asda in Havant would have been where the customer's goods came from
Picture: Twitter Hants Pol Road

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CUSTOMERS vented their frustrations after finding out a supermarket chain stopped deliveries to their area – because of a traffic jam the day before.

Hayling Island residents visited Asda’s website to purchase their weekly shopping only to be told the company wouldn’t deliver as they entered their postcodes.

This came after roadworks carried out by Portsmouth Water caused three-hour delays on Langstone Road, the island’s only access route.

But since it was agreed the roadworks would be carried out at night moving forwards, customers couldn’t understand why Asda made the decision.

Island resident Naomi Cooke, said: ‘I had to order from Tesco instead. They didn’t stop deliveries and neither did Sainsbury’s. I think it’s disgusting behaviour. A lot of elderly people rely on Asda deliveries.

‘Lots more houses are going to be built on the island and my big question is, is Asda going to do this every time there’s a traffic jam?’

Sharon Bettesworth, who also lives on Hayling, added: ‘I’ve purchased goods to be delivered on the same day every week for three years – I don’t drive so the Click and Collect option doesn’t suit me.

‘I also shop for my elderly mother as she can’t do it herself.

‘What’s worse is the day before I’d been prompted by the company to renew my delivery pass for the year, so I did, and I wasn’t even able to use it. I feel let down.

‘I contacted customer services who at first didn’t know why the company weren’t delivering to Hayling Island, and told me they didn’t know when services would resume.

‘I think it’s bizarre because other companies delivered to the island even after the traffic jam – there was no communication from Asda and that’s why I’m disappointed.

‘You try to be a loyal customer and it doesn’t get you anywhere.’

Asda say they weren’t made aware of the roadworks to begin with, and a spokesperson added: ‘We temporarily amended our delivery routes to ensure the majority of our customers received their orders on time.

‘We would like to apologise to any customers affected by the road works and reassure them that a normal service will resume from today.