MP disappointed at bank’s final decision to close

Alan Mak
Alan Mak
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AN MP has expressed his disappointment at a bank’s final decision to close.

Havant MP Alan Mak was told by representatives from NatWest that the company would reconsider their decision to close the Emsworth branch at a meeting.

Now, the banking giant says it will go ahead with the closure of the branch in High Street, on June 6.

At the meeting NatWest confirmed a mobile bank would visit the area twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays for two hours, an increase of half-an-hour a day. It will pay for signs to promote the new mobile bank.

A number of technology training sessions will also be run in the town to offer residents advice on how to use internet banking and avoid fraud.

Mr Mak said: ‘While the mobile bank is not the solution we wanted, it will at least provide some form of banking in the town.

‘NatWest has promised to keep contributing to the community even as the branch closes. Let’s hope it stick to its word.’