Never forget that you are beautiful

Rare Moments captures the essence of each woman's personality, such as Rachel Jevons, 42
Rare Moments captures the essence of each woman's personality, such as Rachel Jevons, 42
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As women, why is it that we are often at the bottom of our own shopping lists?

Why do we believe in having to save money for a rainy day, rather than investing in ourselves and our own self-worth?

That’s our goal at Rare Moments Photography – to give women back their self-worth; to make them ‘exist’ again through the power of photography.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? But we are deadly serious. We have heard a lot of businesswomen make a lot of excuses about why they shouldn’t spend on themselves and enjoy a photography session.

One answer that they have heard too many times is: ‘I’ll come in once I’ve hit my target weight.’

As women, we tend to become embarrassed by our bodies when we reach a certain age. We constantly trace our stretch marks, count our wrinkles and buy clothes that cover up our ‘wobbly bits’.

When we are not slating ourselves, we are running around like headless chickens trying to balance our work and family life – but this can stop.

We have had women who have come in and felt really nervous before their shoot, but we work hard on offering a welcoming and trusting environment where women can just be themselves.

We encourage women to celebrate their beauty and womanhood. It is so rewarding when women come to us for a portrait photography session and see the results; after all, it’s healthy to take time out and treat yourself.

It is easy to splash your cash on your children, but being selfish is challenging.

Whether you want headshots for your business branding or photographs that can capture your beauty, exactly how you are right now, Rare Moments portrait sessions can welcome you in a relaxed and trusting environment.

You are in safe hands with their all-female team who ensure you feel and look the best you can and capture the way you want to be portrayed in business.

Rare Moments Photography’s mission is to remind you not to neglect yourself.

I’ve worked with women for a long time, from being a midwife to now being a women’s photographer and for some reason we always have an excuse why we shouldn’t be investing in ourselves.

We are not discouraging you to live a healthier lifestyle – go for it, you have our full support if that is what will make you happy!

What we are telling you is to be confident in how you are, because you are beautiful.