New state-of-the-art cycle studio opens at Havant leisure centre

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A LEISURE centre has announced the opening of a brand-new cycle studio.

Havant Leisure Centre, run by Horizon Leisure Centres, is now home to a state-of-the-art cycle studio that’s double the size of its previous one.

It has been fitted with a virtual cycling system that enables more classes to take place.

The new system is not instructor-led but technology is used to provide voice-over instructions, synced to a choice of cycle-based movie scenes, projected onto a screen.

The studio has been decorated in a largely black and red colour scheme and has special lighting effects. The room also has a new sound system along with a dedicated stage for the class instructor.

Howard Broad, Horizon Leisure Centres chief executive said: ‘Cycling has become extremely popular in this country and we are delighted to be able to help meet the growth in demand.’