Plans for 80 homes in Havant raises infrastructure concerns at meeting 

Planning consultants showed off their plans to councillors and locals at Havant Borough Council's Public Service Plaza
Planning consultants showed off their plans to councillors and locals at Havant Borough Council's Public Service Plaza

AS PLANS for up to 80 homes were unveiled at a public meeting, residents asked – where is the infrastructure to support this development, and others?

An outline scheme for flats and homes was presented at a consultation forum for the greenfield site north of Bartons Road, Havant, near The Oaks Crematorium.

Planning consultants gave a presentation

Planning consultants gave a presentation

It has been put forward on behalf of landowner White Farming Ltd by planning consultants, who met councillors and locals last night at the Public Service Plaza in Havant.

But a strain on services from this development and the 175 homes newly-built to the south of Bartons Road were of concern.

Graham Beeston, from the Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association, said: ‘My main concern is the increase in traffic on Bartons Road. More will arise from the 175 homes to the south.

‘Traffic surveys for the development should take into account all the current and proposed developments nearby, not just the impact of this one. Overstretched school and doctors facilities would also be affected.’

The development is expected to generate the need for 25 primary age and 17 secondary age pupils spaces in schools. Hampshire County Council said there are sufficient secondary school places, but not primary.

The site is split in two – half falls under Havant Borough Council (HBC) – the area where housing is proposed, and the other East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) – the area where the open space and orchard will sit. The plan must not prejudice the potential for future development in the EHDC area. 

Andrew Blackwell, from Wessex Environmental Planning, said: ‘The intention is to provide an area of open space to the north and if EHDC choose not to allocate housing there, it will be a completely open space.’

Access to the site is through the same road used to get to The Oaks. Deputy leader of HBC, Cllr Tim Pike, said he wasn’t keen on this idea.

Linden Homes’ Bartons Rise development sits to the west of the site. Jolene Osborne moved there last year and said: ‘We were promised by our developer this site would never be built on.’

Landscape architect Alison Galbraith, from Terra Firma, said buffer areas to protect ancient woodland surrounding the site, and the crematorium, are to be created.

Peter Oliver, 84, from Langstone said: ‘The Local Plan isn’t a plan. There’s no cohesive plan for infrastructure support which should proceed these developments rather than come afterwards.’