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Graham Kendrick will perform Christian music at Cowplain Evangelical Church next week
Graham Kendrick will perform Christian music at Cowplain Evangelical Church next week
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Rev Phill Brown, pastor at Cowplain Evangelical Church, talks about an exciting performance due to take place at the church next week.

As someone who sings a lot of worship songs and enjoys contemporary styles of worship, I’m really excited to welcome Graham Kendrick to Cowplain Evangelical Church.

He will join us on Friday, September 16, for an unforgettable evening of Christian music that is sure to inspire and move you.

Graham has been described as a ‘father of modern worship music’ whose songs are crammed full of poetic, divine, biblical truth that have sculpted a view of God that has impacted generations.

For more than 30 years he has been at the forefront of Christian music in the UK, having written and recorded hundreds of songs, many of which are well known around the world, including Shine Jesus Shine, Knowing You, The Servant King and Amazing Love.

But what I love about an evening like this is the opportunity to sing with others, as we’ll be led in an evening of worship by someone who has years of experience.

With several decades of song-writing under his belt, and having penned some of the world’s best known worship songs – many that churches sing each week – it will be great to join in with and enjoy Graham singing and performing those songs.

But there is also another side to Graham’s songwriting which I am particularly keen to experience.

He also writes songs that tell stories, paint scenes on the imagination and feed the spirit with hope.

Part of the evening sees Graham in a different mode, set in the performance style that first brought appreciation for his music.

All the elements of the evening make up a very special concert.

Who is it for? Of course, it is for everybody who loves Graham’s music, but it is also the kind of event to bring friends who may not feel comfortable in a church service.

Church music can often come over as a bit dull and lifeless.

Not so with an evening with Graham Kendrick.

The songs bring to life the characters and events from the gospels, from Advent to the final dramatic events of Jesus’s life – inviting the listener into the story.

Tickets are £10 each. To book your seat, contact the CEC church office on (023) 9226 2188.

For more information you can e-mail or visit 

Cowplain Evangelical Church is at Durley Avenue, Cowplain, PO8 8XA.