Will you be the first to find the shark?

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A BOAT club in Portchester is offering a reward for anyone who is able to prove the existence of a great white shark in Solent waters.

After unconfirmed sightings of a great white shark near Hayling Island, Boat Club Trafalgar is offering a year’s membership to whoever is the first to get a photo or video of the shark.

Managing director of the club, Jonny Boys, is setting the challenge to try and put these rumours to the test.

Mr Boys said: ‘I saw the story about a great white shark sighting but I am sceptical.

‘I’ve spoken to thousands of boaters over the years and none of them have ever seen a Great White in Solent waters.

‘There’s no doubt there’s a huge amount of wildlife around the area and we have already seen and filmed dolphins right here in Portsmouth Harbour his summer.

‘I guess with global warming you never know what might turn up.’

Mr Boys adds that he would love to be proven wrong about the shark.

He said: ‘Most people carry a phone now that’s capable of taking video or a decent photo. That’s probably the best way of ‘capturing’ a great white shark.

‘If any boater does capture a great white on video or in a photo in the Solent, that’s authenticated by The Shark Trust, then I’ll buy them a year’s membership to our Boat Club Trafalgar.’

If anyone does capture any footage of the shark, they can call the club on (023) 9270 6599.