60mph winds forecast for Portsmouth when Storm Doris strikes further north

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Weathermen say that Portsmouth will feel the side-effects of Storm Doris later this week.

They are predicting gusts of 50-60mph in the area as the storm sweeps in across the Midlands and the North.

The huge storm is set to sweep across the central part of the UK on Thursday with forecasters warning ferocious winds are likely to lead to widespread travel disruption and a danger of injury from flying debris.

The warning for central UK states: ‘Some very strong winds are expected throughout Thursday in association with storm ‘Doris’, with a short period where gusts of 70 to 80 mph are possible. ‘Whilst the strongest winds look to be only short-lived, damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks are likely, with a danger of injury from flying debris. ‘Heavy rain is also likely through Thursday as well as some snow over high ground as the system clears eastwards. These may prove additional hazards.’