9 things that happened in the news this week

Alicia Savage, was warned she faces jail at Portsmouth Crown Court.
Alicia Savage, was warned she faces jail at Portsmouth Crown Court.
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To make sure you don’t miss the important stories in your area, here is a wrap-up of this week’s news.

1. ‘I hear cases where people get 27 years for murder. It makes you question whether my brother’s life was less significant.’

Eugene Scardifield questions the sentence given to the murderer of his brother as he prepares for a 200 mile bike ride in his honour.

2. ‘Every time a little boy is told to zip up his man suit, to be brave in circumstances where a girl would be cuddled or comforted we’re contributing to an ideal that a real man is fearless and emotionless.’

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage speaks about the risk that ‘self-contained, aggressive and disconnected’ portrayals of action heroes such as James Bond and Steven Seagal may have on vulnerable men, prior to International Men’s Day.

3. ‘I think the information in the report is incorrect. ‘We do not have any issue with terrorist cells and I want to reassure Portsmouth residents about this.’

Portsmouth City Councillor Donna Jones describes a report which named Portsmouth as a terrorist ‘recruitment hub’ as ‘wildly inaccurate’.

4. ‘He was more interested with what was on his lap than what’s out the window.’

The news was out with PC Mark Fruin who was fining motorists for using mobile phone while driving, part of a nation-wide police crackdown.

5. ‘They are a credit to the hospital and I don’t know how we would have coped without them.’

Emma Seaton speaks about the efforts of staff at QA Hospital, who cared for her premature triplets. They hold the world record for lightest combined birth weight.

6. ‘The police were down there, and the landlady said we had to evacuate. It was just like the wartime. When we got outside I said; ‘We’ve done this before, when we were younger.’

Pamela Pratt, was evacuated from the Ship Anson pub after an unexploded WWII bomb was discovered in Portsmouth Harbour.

7. ‘The death is not being treated as suspicious and a file has been sent to the coroner.’

A police spokesman reassures the public after a body was found in the grounds of St James’ Hospital in Portsmouth.

8. ‘The current arrangements for the collection of parcels post the closure of Slindon Street for the people of this city are wholly inadequate.’

Councillor Donna Jones speaks about wusing the Civic Offices and potentially other public buildings as temporary Royal Mail collection hubs for frustrated customers as the firm came under fire for making changes to its parcel delivery operations.

9. ‘He’s pulled through – he’s the miracle boy, that’s what they call him.’

Barry Buttwell speaks about the injuries to his son after a young woman was warned she faced jail after admitting grievous bodily harm.