A walk in the woods to raise disability awareness

Adam Wood, front, with mother Gillian, left, and support worker Ade Bello and dog Jasper
Adam Wood, front, with mother Gillian, left, and support worker Ade Bello and dog Jasper
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FAMILIES, volunteers and staff from a supported living service took part in a woodland walk to raise awareness for a disability charity.

This week is Deafblind Awareness Week and walks are being held across the country, organised by the charity, Sense.

The aim is to highlight the importance of social services for people with disabilities.

Adam Wood, 29, lives in supported housing, and led his mother Gillian and family friends on a walk through Creech Woods, Denmead, with the help of his support worker, Ade Bello.

Adam is deaf and blind and has lived in the Woodhouse supported living service in Havant for six years.

Gillian, who lives in Waterlooville, said: ‘The walk was a fantastic success and it was great that so many people came out to show their support.

‘We came together in a fun and healthy way to raise the profile of the vital services Sense provides and the presence of disabled people in the community.

‘Disabled people are often isolated and cut off from society.

‘The walks taking place across the country are an exciting way of highlighting this issue, by physically getting out there and connecting with the community.

‘We’ll definitely hold a walk next year and we’ll do our best to ensure an even greater number of people are involved.’

If you are interested in a career in social care support, and working at a Sense service, please go to sense.org.uk.

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