Aldi launches ‘hangover free’ Prosecco 

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Prosecco is one of the nation’s favourite drinks – but it can leave you with a brutal hangover after one too many glasses. 

However Sunday morning headaches could be a thing as Aldi launches ‘hangover-proof’ bottles of fizz. 

Aldi has launched 'hangover-proof' prosecco

Aldi has launched 'hangover-proof' prosecco

The Organic Prosecco bottles are available now – and cost just £7.99 from the discount retailer. 

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The extra-dry eco-friendly fizz is sourced from the Corvezzo family’s 150-hectare estate, 30km north-east of Venice.

Grown with no pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyard, the grapes are predominately hand picked and gently pressed to ensure only the highest quality of juice is used.

The winery is also committed to using renewable energy wherever possible.

The bottles also have fewer sulphite preservatives – a chemical which is believed to be one of the factors that cause us hangovers, which will help keep those headaches away. 

The Mirror Online reports that Aldi made a nod to Organic Prosecco's 'hangover-proof’ qualities. 

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In a tweet the supermarket chain wrote: 'We’re raising a glass this Organic September to our range of delicious, organic wine.

‘Apparently, they’re hangover-proof… better have a glass to find out.’

However not everyone is convinced by the ‘hangover-proof' qualities of the organic prosecco. 

In a post on the blogging site Medium called Organic Wine Still Gives You Headaches, Gid M-K; Health Nerd dismissed the 'hangover-proof claims’. 

Writing: ‘The premise of organic wine being healthy — that it avoids nasty chemicals — is simply wrong.

‘This is not to say that they are useless. There is certainly evidence that organics are better for the environment. 

‘But from a health perspective, it makes no difference if your grapes are grown organically or at a traditional vineyard — the result is the same.' 

You can buy the ‘hangover-proof’ prosecco from Aldi's online store here

The budget supermarket has stores in Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport and Fareham. 

So if you have tried the Organic Prosecco from Aldi let us know if it really is 'hangover-proof' or not in the comments below!