All fun and games at St Jude’s Church

The initiative aims to get more children involved in church
The initiative aims to get more children involved in church
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SOMETIMES if I’m chatting with friends who don’t go to church, I might say I follow Jesus.

Many of them would probably be able to get their heads round that. They might even agree with the idea that Jesus was a great moral teacher and that his words and actions still hold relevancy to us today, 2,000 years later.

His message of love and acceptance is relatively uncontroversial. If Jesus was tweeting today, they might follow him too!

Where we start to disagree, however, is about Jesus’ death. I might say this is a pivotal moment in the whole of human history.

But all they can see is someone who was unlucky or foolish enough to get on the wrong side of the authorities.The question of why Jesus died is central to the Christian faith.

If Jesus was just a good teacher who paid the ultimate price for his message of love, then he is no more important than Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

But if he was who he claimed to be, then perhaps it’s a different story. If he really was sent by God as part of his rescue mission for the whole of the human race, perhaps we should sit up and take notice.

If his sacrifice really could offer you the chance for forgiveness and a brand new start, it might be worth investigating.

We’ll be looking at this at our next Funday Sunday get-together on Sunday, Apri 2.

This is our Sunday morning where we offer you breakfast and real coffee free, and let you read the Sunday papers. Your children can do some art and craft, play Wii games or enjoy table football.

Then we have a quickfire presentation on a specific theme.

This time, we’ll be looking at why Jesus died, and it will include drama, lively songs and interactive activities for families.

It all happens from 10.30am at St Jude’s Church, at the top of Southsea’s shopping precinct.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to church before, or if you still have lots of tricky questions about the Christian faith.

We don’t promise to answer all your questions in Funday Sunday, but we can guarantee that your family will enjoy their morning with some of the friendliest people in Southsea.

We have numerous services available each Sunday, for people of all ages and interests.

The traditional service is at 9am, with family worship at 10.30am and informal worship at 6.30pm.