Anatomy Lab Live is coming to Portsmouth - where you can enjoy dinner and a live dissection

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AN EVENT which treats guests to a slap-up meal before they watch a human dissection is coming to Portsmouth.

After a series of sell-out tours across the UK, Anatomy Lab Live will arrive in the city on January 21 next year.

Picture: Jon Rowley

Picture: Jon Rowley

The spine-tingling experience invites guests to sit down to dinner while watching trained anatomists disect a semi-synthetic human body.

And to top it off, visitors can have a go at dissecting body parts themselves.

Anatomist Sam Piri said the show was aimed at healthcare professionals and students, as well as those with a strong interest in the human body.

He added: ‘I wanted to give people something that is real, to see, touch, feel and smell.

I wanted to give people something that is real, to see, touch, feel and smell.

Sam Piri

‘After a very successful tour earlier this year we’re back bigger and better than before.

‘You’ll have the chance to dissect the specimens guided by myself and my team to really enhance your understanding of anatomy, physiology and the clinical pathology.’

To begin with two anatomists will dissect VIVIT – which is claimed to be the world’s only semi-synthetic human corpse with real organs.

They will carry out an in-depth observation of various disease states before mortuary technicians bring samples out to the audience for a closer look.

Picture: Jon Rowley

Picture: Jon Rowley

The organs – which all come from pigs because of the anatomical similarity with humans – include the brain, spinal cord, stomach, liver and rectum.

Guests will be given mortuary wear including protective surgical hats, masks and aprons as well as scalpels, scissors, forceps and bone saws to help with their own dissection attempt.

They can look closer inside a real head and brain sample, dissect the heart and blood vessels, and observe the structure of the limbs.

Sam added: ‘Together we’ll experience the physiology of clinical pathology comparing healthy and diseased samples.

Picture: Jon Rowley

Picture: Jon Rowley

‘We’ll learn how the human body is built and how a post-mortem is conducted.

‘Be prepared as this year’s show is not all as it seems.’

There will also be time for questions to the team about different pathology.

The Portsmouth event is being held at the Village Hotel, which opens in November next to Lakeside North Harbour, in Cosham.

Standard tickets cost £79 with reductions for NHS staff, students and groups. All ticket-holders must be over 16.

For more information on Anatomy Lab Live go to

Picture: Jon Rowley

Picture: Jon Rowley