Beautiful win for Avon’s top seller in UK

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SUCCESS is more than skin deep for student Alistair Chekaoui, who has been named the most successful skin care seller for Avon in the country.

Alistair, 20, from, Hayling Island won more than £500 worth of prizes at an awards ceremony, at the Marriott.

Student Alistair Chekaoui, 20, from Hayling Island, won awards for being Avon's top skin care seller

Student Alistair Chekaoui, 20, from Hayling Island, won awards for being Avon's top skin care seller

Among his prizes, presented in a silver suitcase, were a Blu-ray bundle, an Apple iPad mini, a Polaroid camera, Beats headphones and Gucci sunglasses.

The top 10 sales representatives and winners were announced on Youtube.

Alistair started selling for cosmetics giant Avon when he was 18 and since then has trained up and learned to lead his own team.

Both Alistair’s mum, Bobbie-Ann Patrick and his sister, Melissa Chekaoui also share the same passion and drive in working for Avon.

Alistair spoke of how he remembered when first started selling for Avon with his mum in a shopping centre and said she inspired him to work for the company.

Sharon Forder, Avon’s area manager for the Portsmouth area said: ‘I am very proud of the whole family and Alistair and as you can see Avon really does look after you.’

Avon has helped Alistair fund his education at King’s College, London where he studies dentistry.

The company provides him with flexible working hours which have allowed for Alistair to excel academically as well as with Avon.

Alistair, 20 said: ‘I wouldn’t be able to afford university without Avon as a lot of my money from Avon goes into university.’

Previously Alistair has also won awards for being among the top 50 sellers, winning a holiday to Seville, Spain.

Laura Tottman, 29, division manager for Avon said: ‘This is my first time meeting Alistair as he purely sells online and because of university.’

Avon started out in the UK in 1959 with just door-to-door sales but now its products are widely sold through online platforms such as Amazon.

Most of Avon’s top sellers are based online, allowing university students such as Alistair to be involved with Avon as well as with university. In the Portsmouth area there are two of the top ten sales representatives working for Avon, one of them being Alistair.