Blue Reef Aquarium’s Lecter gets specially-made Christmas pudding

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AN AQUARIUM paid tribute to hit TV show The Great British Bake Off by holding a festive farewell.

Blue Reef Aquarium in Southsea paid tribute to the BBC show by creating its own cakes and making an extra special Christmas pudding for Lecter, the resident green iguana.

Tara Knight, co-owner of Southsea Coffee Co created the cake for Lecter which included apricots, cashews, coconut oil and dates.

Hannah Butt, of the Aquarium, said: ‘We needed a very specific cake for Lecter, which used only raw, natural ingredients, was dairy free and contained no refined sugar.

‘Tara was the perfect cook to choose as she specialises in using natural, unprocessed ingredients.

‘As well as the cake being extremely nutritious, she also managed to somehow make it look exactly like a miniature Christmas pudding!’

The green iguana is native to South America and is primarily a herbivore, feeding on leaves, flowers, fruit and plants, often found on branches over rivers.