‘Brazen’ anti-dog poo sign appears in Southsea

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A sign has been put up in a Southsea street telling people to pick up their dog’s mess.

Residents in Albert Grove, Southsea, will notice a sign pinned to a telegraph pole telling residents to ‘pick up after your dog you lazy arse’.

The home-made poster in Albert Grove, Southsea

The home-made poster in Albert Grove, Southsea

According to ward councillor, Cllr Hugh Mason, this is not the first time these signs have appeared.

He said: ‘A number of these have been put up over the past few months. I saw another one in Waverley Road on Sunday, for instance.

‘It seems there is somebody who is very angry about dog mess and has had enough.

‘I don’t know who is putting them up though.’

But Cllr Mason has no issue with the signs being put up – saying it’s nice to see someone caring about the state of their neighbourhood.

He explained: ‘I am totally relaxed about things like this; adverts for gigs and so on should be taken off lampposts but this is somebody who is caring about the place they live.

‘I personally have no issue with it.’

A 31-year-old resident from Campbell Road, who wished to remain anonymous, added: ‘When I first saw it, I gave a little chuckle to myself.

‘We've all thought it but few of us would actually go to the lengths of putting up a sign. Let alone one so brazen.

‘You shouldn't own a dog if you're not prepared to take responsibility for it.’