‘Building upwards could solve our housing crisis’

Picture: Shaun Roster
Picture: Shaun Roster
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BUILDING skyscrapers could be the solution to providing thousands of extra homes.

The new government housing figures are unsustainable unless we build upwards, residents have said.

With just less than 6,000 homes proposed by the government for the Portsmouth area to deal with the nation’s housing crisis, a lack of infrastructure and space for the housing have both been raised.

Pat Croal, from Waterlooville said: ‘I feel very desperate at the whole situation as this demand for homes will turn cities into slums.

‘It seems to me that the only solution to fitting in all these homes will be to build upwards with more skyscrapers. Portsmouth is overcrowded as it is, so this might be the only solution.’

Julian Holland, from Cosham, said: ‘The city’s roads are definitely getting busier and busier.

‘If they are going to add thousands and thousands of homes on top of that, you can be sure that will add at least one car per house, so the roads will get very congested. And where are all these cars going to park?

‘I just don’t think the city has the infrastructure to deal with these demands.’

Sally Reed, who lives in Hilsea, says that affordable housing should be prioritised for the city.

She said: ‘I feel we are building enough homes as it is, as everywhere you go you see more of them springing up.

‘The problem you have is that they are just not affordable.

‘For me, I just want to have my own space and even finding a place to rent can be extremely expensive, so I live at home.

‘Even if you build more homes, the parking situation will get even more desperate. It is always a challenge to find one even now.’