Cat killer motive is to ‘horrify humans’, says campaigner

Poppy, thought to have been killed by the cat killer in Southsea in April.
Poppy, thought to have been killed by the cat killer in Southsea in April.
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THE M25 cat killer is believed to have slaughtered around 400 cats and small animals, leaving their bodies in plain sight in order to ‘horrify’ people.

Police are hunting the killer who has been described as a ‘psychopath, and kills the animals with a blunt force before mutilating them with a sharp implement.

In the last three years animals in the Portsmouth and West Sussex area are among those thought to have been killed by the culprit.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) has been cataloguing the deaths, and helping police with the investigation.

Snarl co-founder Tony Jenkins said: ’We are seeing the exact same injuries, and he leaves a signature.

‘If there is more than one killer, it is likely to be a joint enterprise rather than a copycat killer.

‘We suspect he gets off on hanging about and watching people’s reactions. We can’t prove that, but we strongly suspect it is the case because of the way he is displaying the bodies.’

Asked what he thought the killer’s motive could be, Mr Jenkins replied: ‘I think the motive is to horrify humans. Why else would you get a fox and cut its head completely off and then place the body pointing to the children’s playground not 10 metres away.’