Children ‘get inspired’ at Guildhall’s careers fair

Martin Porter excites students with potential career pathways
Martin Porter excites students with potential career pathways
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CHOOSING the right career path can be a daunting task for any young adult.

However, the Get Inspired Portsmouth careers fair held at The Guildhall enabled children of all ages to get inspiration from many different jobs and education stalls.

Usually home to rowdy music, comedy and arts events, the Guildhall was teeming with inquisitive children, all trying to pick out something that interested them.

Many were interested in the 3D printer that the University Technical College (UTC) had taken along. Opening in September, UTC aims to focus on teaching students the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – in order to give them the relevant knowledge and skill set. As marketing officer Holly Backhurst explained: ‘Our aim is to fill a skills gap that is currently in the local area.’

She continued talking about the interest they had received while at the fair: ‘We have had some youngsters come and have a look at our 3D printing facilities which are something that we have in our school and college for learning purposes.

‘We have also had a few year eight students who are really interested in applying in September for our year 10 entry.’

Another one of the options was the Highbury College Automotive course which teaches transferable skills that can be used within a variety of careers.

Martin Porter, the sector lead on the Automotive course said: ‘The fair aims to catch students’ imagination.

‘Some of my past students are now working for British Airways at Heathrow on Boeing 747 jet engines so it’s not just about cars.’

He added: ‘I have recently seen many more girls showing interest in the courses we offer.

‘ I believe this is due to the breakdown of traditional stereotypes. It’s no longer just a mans world.’

Also at the fair was ambassador for the PCC apprenticeship scheme Sam Rickeard. He said: ‘There are lots of new things that have come through in recent years, students can now get a degree by completing an apprenticeship meaning it cuts out the heavy fees of a usual degree.’