Chip pan fire in elderly couple’s Portsmouth flat sees fire safety warning issued

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A FIRE broke out in the kitchen of an elderly couple who were using their cooker, because of an ‘accumulation of grease’ around the cooker and the chip pan used.

Firefighters from Southsea Fire Station were called to a flat inside Thorrowgood House, Malins Road, Buckland at about 7.30pm. 

An elderly couple were treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics following the incident.

A spokesman for the fire station said: ‘We would like to issue fire safety advice following the incident.

‘People should please make sure their chip pans, grill pans and cookers are clean of any excess grease while cooking.

‘The accumulation of grease around the cooker and in the chip fan is why the fire started.’

Luckily the fire was dealt with quickly – but there was smoke damage to the kitchen.