Common room closure angers elderly flatmates

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‘WE are absolutely mortified.’

That is the verdict of elderly residents of a block of flats, after their communal area was closed.

Residents of Tara Court in Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, were aghast when a letter came through their doors, stating that the communal area was closed until further notice.

The news comes after a letter and ‘instruction list’ was sent to all residents after Vivid Homes took over the establishment.

Many of the people living there are in their late 70s and 80s, and rely on the communal area as their place to socialise with others.

Pauline Masters, 84, says that the decision came as a complete shock, and described the move as being ‘insulting’.

She explained: ‘For some reason they just don’t want us to use the area, which completely defeats the object of us having it.

‘Most of us use this room every day for a chat with one another, and we certainly don’t bother anyone.

‘A lot of people here are in their 80s and would just like to get together.’

In a letter to The News, another resident described it as being ‘treated in a dictatorial fashion.

The resident added: ‘I pay my rent here and frankly find this attitude downright insulting.’

Janice Lopez, 58, is the daughter of another resident, Doreen May. She says that all of the residents feel victimised by the situation.

She said: ‘All of the residents are unhappy about it.

‘My mum, for example, wants to be able to go there and see her friends. There is nowhere else for them to do that.’

The building is currently being run by Vivid Homes.

Head of neighbourhoods Derek Streek said: ‘Recently, some residents at Tara Court have expressed concerns over certain incidents that have occurred in the entrance area.

‘We have suggested that residents refrain from congregating there temporarily, whilst we look at longer term solutions to stop these incidents, and to build better relations among everyone living there.’