Councillor backs bill to end child poverty

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PORTSMOUTH’s Labour leader has backed a bill introduced to parliament to end child povery.

Councillor Stephen Morgan has pledged his support to the Private Members Bill that MP Barnsley Central 
MP Dan Jarvis introduced to the House of Commons last week.

Cllr Morgan, ward councillor for Charles Dickens, said: ‘In order to give children the best start in life their development in the first five years of life is crucial.

‘Children who grow up in poverty are four times as likely to become poor adults, becoming the parents of the next generation of children living in poverty.

‘Where you are born shouldn’t determine where you end up in life. Yet too many people are being held back and left behind.

‘That’s why tackling child poverty is so important. Every single child in our city deserves the best chance in life.

‘I fully support Labour’s national campaign to finally end child poverty.’