Couple who met in Portsmouth get camera back after ‘hero’s post’

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A COUPLE who used to worked in Portsmouth and who lost their camera along with all their precious travel photos will be reunited with them, after a determined Dutch man tracked them down on social media.

Michael Hudspith from Rose Green, Bognor, and his fiancée Natalia Gorecka thought their camera had been stolen in Sri Lanka over Christmas and were ‘gutted’ that all their pictures had seemingly been lost forever.

Michael was shocked when he logged on to Facebook last Monday and was inundated with messages from people who had seen their missing snaps and recognised them.

Sander van Rijswijk from Holland had uploaded some of the pictures on Facebook, having found the camera in a taxi.

The couple are both teachers and met working at a Portsmouth school before moving to China three years ago.

Michael said: ‘It restores your faith in humanity as all you see nowadays is how Facebook is used to peddle fake news stories or abuse people.

‘As we’re in China I don’t get on Facebook very often and I logged on today randomly and had all these message from people in Portsmouth where I worked who recognised me.

‘I’ve also had a bunch of messages from complete strangers trying to let me know. It had a lot of our memories and photos on it, which was what made it worse.

‘We assumed we would never see it again.’