Crowdfunders thanked for bike by 999 worker

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DONORS to a crowdfundng appeal for a new bike have been thanked by the ambulance worker who had his bike stolen while he was on shift.

A cheque for £700 has been handed over to South Central Ambulance Service Emergency Care Assistant, Rob Blakley for a new bike after his custom-built bike was stolen on the night of May 15 whilst he was working at SCAS’ North Harbour in Cosham.

Media manager David Gallagher said: ‘A man climbed over the perimeter fence of our station, used bolt cutters to remove the bike’s padlock and then passed it over to two accomplices.’

Members of the public and colleagues from emergency staff across the world clubbed together to replace Rob’s bike which is his only form of transport to work from his home in the Isle of Wight.

Rob said: ‘This whole situation, although upsetting, has been heartwarming and humbling; not only to myself but for every other member of the ambulance service.’

Cancer sufferer Pete Plowman, from Stamshaw, gave Rob a bike while the money for a new one was raised.