Decision on Victory Energy to be reconsidered by Portsmouth councillors 

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IT’S back to the drawing board for cabinet members who will have to reconsider the decision made to scrap Victory Energy.

More than half of Portsmouth councillors voted to review the case once again with potential to reverse the previous outcome.

Tory Cllr Ian Lyons proposed the motion at yesterday’s full council meeting citing the lack of public discussion, rooted in its beginnings with the previous Tory administration, on the matter as one reason why the plan was not successful.

He also said: ‘There’s a lesson for all of us here. It would have been better to engage members earlier with this. There was no reason for keeping so many of us in the dark for so long.’

Tory leader Cllr Donna Jones believed the venture would benefit residents of the city. ‘It’s about giving our customers a stake hold in an energy company they own.

‘It’s about making Portsmouth a cleaner and greener place.

‘I am encouraged the leader of the council that he is open to this.’

The 17 Lib Dems abstained from the vote that will see cabinet looking into the company’s feasibilty again.