Doctor fears for staff and patients if parking zones are installed 

GP Nick Moore is concerned about potential residents' parking zones
GP Nick Moore is concerned about potential residents' parking zones
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A SOUTHSEA GP is concerned patients and staff of his two surgeries could suffer if new residents’ parking zones are implemented.

Following a controversial traffic and transportation meeting at Portsmouth City Council last week it was agreed that consultations on permitted parking areas across the city would go ahead.

As a result some new zones could be created including MB, MC, MD and MF in Southsea.

Lib Dem councillors hope that consultations in these areas could help alleviate parking issues faced by residents on a daily basis. 

However, a GP working in Southsea is concerned extra parking zones would cause issues for the 11,000 patients of Waverley Road Surgery and Salisbury Road Surgery as well as members of staff who work there. Specifically, Waverley Road Surgery would be part of the MD zone and Salisbury Road Surgery would border MF zone.

Dr Nick Moore, 44, of Andover Road, said: ‘Staff and patients at Waverley Road rely on on-street parking. Patients might not be very mobile and can’t walk far, the zones might cause them to park a long way away from the surgeries. And staff would also have to park far away or pay out for parking.

‘There are clearly going to be winners and losers. One of my practices is in an area that could have a parking zone and the other will be on the edge of one. My own personal feeling is that it is all being done in a hurry. Usually something like this would take quite a few months to draw up.

‘I have been given some assurance that they will look at the hours of operation. But if it’s not done right it could have a serious impact on the staff and patients, especially if there are parking restrictions during the day time. I would like written assurance that this isn’t going to affect the staff and patients.

He added: ‘There was nothing in the council’s report about taking the surgeries into consideration. They mentioned it at the meeting but it was just a small comment about it.’

But Cllr Ben Dowling, who led the traffic meeting, said: ‘These concerns are understandable and the sort of thing we would want feedback on from consultations on any resident parking zone.

‘Residents and businesses in any zones we consult on will have the opportunity to give their views on any potential impact and operating times of restrictions. No decisions have been made at this stage and people will be asked their views before anything is finalised.’