Doctor’s tweet at Jeremy Hunt goes viral after 16 ambulances spotted queuing outside Queen Alexandra Hospital

The ambulances queueing outside the QA Hospital. Picture: Dr Jamie Fryer/Twitter
The ambulances queueing outside the QA Hospital. Picture: Dr Jamie Fryer/Twitter
  • More than a dozen ambulances are spotted queuing outside the Queen Alexandra Hospital
  • Picture has been retweeted more than 700 times
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A doctor has posted a picture to Twitter showing more than a dozen ambulances queueing outside the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Dr Jamie Fryer spotted the worrying scene yesterday and called out health secretary Jeremy Hunt for failing to stop the problem of ambulance queues at hospitals.

The doctor, who is believed to work at the hospital, tweeted: ‘16 ambulances queueing in portsmouth. Just another weekend in may. No flu, no norovirus. Just a normal day. Thanks for ur help @Jeremy_Hunt.’

The picture shows the ambulances queueing on both sides of the access road leading up to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency entrance.

The post, which was published yesterday, has been retweeted more than 700 times.

Replying to the message, Twitter user Linda (@SE25A) said: ‘Trying my best not to be ill....QA is MY hospital, these are MY doctors Jeremy. I care about them, but you are underfunding & understaffing

‘Thank you Dr Fryer for your work at QA. I value you. One day you might save my life.’

And Steve Morton commented: ‘I’ve seen these when delivering blood to QA and i’ve waited half the night in the corridor at A&E with my mum. It’s a regular occurrence.’

A similar scene was spotted outside the hospital in January, when 20 ambulances were photographed - leading to longer waiting times at the A&E department.

Rodney Smith, from Gosport, was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday after suffering a Transient Ischemic Attack - a mini stroke.

An ambulance was called at 10am, but he was only given a proper medical examination nine hours later.

His brother-in-law Chris Baglee told The News: ‘It was mental. My wife was amazed at how many people were sitting there waiting to be seen.’

A Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust spokesperson said: ‘Our emergency department faced a high demand on Sunday, with a large number of very sick, frail and elderly patients needing urgent care.

‘Our staff worked extremely hard to process patients in a prompt and timely manner, with patient safety our top priority.’

Paul Jeffries, assistant director of operations for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: ‘We can confirm that there were significant delays for our ambulance crews yesterday at the Queen Alexandra Hospital when they arrived with patients to admit to the hospital’s Accident & Emergency department.

‘We continue to work with our partners at Portmouth Hospitals NHS Trust to help alleviate the impact of such delays on our own service.

‘We would urge local people to call NHS 111 or attend a minor injuries unit for less serious illnesses or injuries rather than choose to go to A&E first.’