Drivers urged to avoid Portsmouth city centre tomorrow

Trafalgar Gate
Trafalgar Gate
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Motorists are being warned of possible hold-ups in Portsmouth city centre tomorrow.

The city council says that although the closure of a naval base gate is not expected to cause major problems, drivers are nonetheless urged to avoid the area if possible.

A council spokesman said: ‘From 10.30am tomorrow, Portsmouth Naval Base is closing Trafalgar Gate, and all dockyard traffic will be using Unicorn Gate.

‘We’re not expecting significant traffic problems, because most traffic leaving the base will do so at lunchtime, well before the main rush-hour.

‘We’ll be monitoring flow and adjusting traffic lights if required to help ease any congestion. However, we’d encourage drivers to think about their journeys and avoid the area if possible.

‘Trafalgar Gate will reopen at 6am Monday.

‘There will be a similar closure of the gate on Friday March 10.’