Expert backs rise in new fitness trackers

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A HEALTH expert has backed the increasingly popular trend of using fitness trackers as a way to monitor exercise.

Dr Paul Kalra, consultant cardiologist at Spire Portsmouth Hospital, says that the trackers encourage people to walk more but that they should not be seen as ‘necessary’ to encourage exercise.

He said: ‘Trackers can be useful in helping you set targets and chart how you are improving day-to-day, but all you really need is a good pair of shoes or boots.

‘For people who are overweight and for older people who previously led a fairly sedentary lifestyle, walking is a great way to get your body used to increased activity.’

Walking, as with all exercise, burns calories.

If a person who weighs 60kg walks at about 4mph for 30 minutes, they will use up to 150 calories.

He added: ‘A steady start, increasing your speed as go, improves your general health.’