Fairground drama spurred mum into losing weight

Emma Lowdell before her weight loss and, below, looking glamorous, 3st 8lb lighter
Emma Lowdell before her weight loss and, below, looking glamorous, 3st 8lb lighter
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A MOTHER who ballooned to a size 24 is helping others lose weight after she successfully slimmed down.

Emma Lowdell’s weight began to rise in her 20s and increased after she had her two children.

Emma Lowdell after her impressive weightloss

Emma Lowdell after her impressive weightloss

Admitting she was miserable and embarrassed about her size, it took an incident at a fairground when her son fell ill, to force her into action to get healthy.

Emma, from Milton, said: ‘My son fainted when we were on the tea cup ride but I couldn’t get to him because I was wedged in by the safety bar.

‘Fortunately he quickly recovered but it left me feeling anxious about the type of mum I had become.

‘A Slimming World leaflet arrived through the door at just the right time. I remember plucking up the courage to join a group. At first I was so worried about walking in I almost didn’t do it.

‘But I was greeted by the sound of laughter and friendly chat. People of all ages, shapes and sizes were there for the same reason as me.’

Emma, 40, says she discovered the magic of a group where members support each other with a mix of humour and care as well as by sharing practical tips and ideas.

Soon she lost 3st 8lbs and dropped a massive six dress sizes.

She said: ‘I couldn’t believe how much healthy, family-friendly food I could eat – all our favourites like spaghetti bolognese, roast dinners, even full English breakfasts.

‘I just make them the Slimming World way and I eat until I’m satisfied and never feel hungry.

‘I no longer hide myself indoors under baggy clothes. I’m out there having a life.

‘My children love their fun-loving new mum. I will never go back to my pre-Slimming World habits.

‘The new me is here to stay.’

Emma is so passionate about the plan that her own journey has inspired her to embark on a new chapter as a Slimming World Consultant.

The first session is at the John Pounds Centre, Portsea, at 7.30pm on April 19.

For more information call Emma on 07917 819239 or go to slimmingworld.co.uk.