Film fuels flooding fears

Al Gore
Al Gore
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CONCERNS over widespread flooding in Portsmouth have been raised by an upcoming film screening by No6 Cinema.

The cinema will be showing An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power tomorrow evening at 7pm,

cinema no 6 al gore

cinema no 6 al gore

Truth to Power, which depicts former US Vice-President Al Gore’s ongoing mission to save the planet, has sparked discussion from Tom Greenwood, sustainability and environment facilitator at the University of Portsmouth, and writer Tony Rollinson from Permaculture magazine.

Mr Greenwood says that the screening is a timely reminder about how the city must prepare for the potential hazards of climate change.

He said: ‘Climate change is happening right now – this is evident by the increased number and intensity of extreme weather events such as the recent storms in Texas and flash floods in Cornwall.

‘Being the only UK island city, Portsmouth’s primary risk from climate change is coastal flooding with most of Portsea Island lying lower than 10m above sea level.’

Mr Greenwood added that people should be looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

He said: ‘The cost of running an average petrol car is over eight times that of an electric car, which are becoming more affordable than ever before.

‘Adopting these small changes can add up to make a big difference.’

Tony Rollinson from Permaculture said: ‘Portsmouth could have flood problems but not just with rising sea levels.

‘There’s also underground water due to reclaimed land.

‘It is such a vibrant city today but we need to make decisions to protect the health and lives of future generations.

Truth to Power highlights what can be done and what solutions are at our fingertips.’

The University of Portsmouth will be screening the film Chasing Coral on Friday, September 22 at 7pm, in the Eldon Building.

Tickets for tomorrow’s screening are available by visiting