Five Guys has a secret menu and here is how to order from it

Five Guys is opening in Portsmouth on July 16. Picture: Five Guys
Five Guys is opening in Portsmouth on July 16. Picture: Five Guys
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Five Guys is finally opening its first restaurant in Portsmouth next week.

The popular American burger chain's newest location in Gunwharf Quays will officially open on Monday, July 16.

Well Done Fries is one of the secret menu items. Picture: Five Guys

Well Done Fries is one of the secret menu items. Picture: Five Guys

The fast-food franchise prides itself on offering a seemingly endless choice of options for customers ordering burgers.

With Five Guys claiming there are over 250,000 possible combinations to order a burger and 1,000 ways to customise a milkshake.

But if you get tired of your usual order, or manage to make it through all 250,000 possible combinations, Five Guys actually has a secret menu with even more choices.

When you walk into a restaurant, cafe or take away shop you can pretty much 100 per cent guarantee there will be a menu somewhere in sight - listing off all the food options you can order from the establishment.

Five Guys has a secret menu! Picture: Five Guys

Five Guys has a secret menu! Picture: Five Guys

But some of your favourite fast food restaurants actually have an unofficial and unadvertised 'secret menu'

These will include variations on the items already available.

And Five Guys is one of the fast-food chains that do have a secret menu and here are all the items on it as well as how to order them.  

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This is a popular American dish, which is a bit like a grilled cheese sandwich but with a hamburger patty inside - which sounds truly amazing.

To get this dish at Five Guys what you need to do is order a grilled cheese with a burger patty inside, plus any toppings you would like and voila you have a patty melt!

Next up on the secret menu is...

Imagine a burger but with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun and as many hamburger patties as you can handle.

That's the Five Guys double grilled cheeseburger - simply order two grilled cheese and at least two burger patties and combine for a gut busting culinary experience.

Mr Suave himself, President Barrack Obama is a Five Guys fan. He was pictured placing an order in a Washington DC restaurant and was reportedly spotted multiple times.

To get his favourite order you need to ask for a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeno peppers and mustard and get a taste of White House living.

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If you want to chow down on a burger but don't want the extra carbs that come with eating a bun, well you can secretly get it in a bowl.

Ask for a burger bowl and you can get a patty and as many toppings as you can stomach and it'll come in a tin contain.

Apparently Five Guys actually is the most generous fast-food chain when it comes to dishing out fries to customers.

But if you prefer a more crunchy chip experience, you can actually order Five Guys fries well done - they'll take a few extra minutes but they sound delicious.

Five Guys is not only known for its burgers, it also offers a variety of hot dogs.

But if you can quite decided between a burger or a dawg you could go for the Artery Annihilator - ominous sounding I know.

Created by a Reddit user you can get it by ordering a bacon cheeseburger and then ask to have a hot dog cut in half and put on top. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen...