Giving the homeless a kind Helping Hand

Volunteer Kim Price, right, with Ian and his dog Smudge
Volunteer Kim Price, right, with Ian and his dog Smudge
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VOLUNTEERS who look after homeless people in Portsmouth are calling on the public to help.

Helping Hands is run by a small team who support some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

They provide food, clothing and other essentials and assist those living rough by helping them to find accommodation and work.

DeeAnn Rose, from Helping Hands, said: ‘Helping our street friends is our responsibility as human beings.

‘This point was hammered home on a recent food run where we encountered people so hungry they were in tears at the sight of Helping Hands.

‘We took food and were able to give coats and hats to people shivering in the cold.

‘But none of what Helping Hands does would be possible without the kindness and generosity of the wider community, both in terms of volunteering time and donating items.’

Helping Hands was founded by Bev Saunders in 2016 after she saw a need in the community and felt compelled to act.

DeeAnn added: ‘Helping Hands has been growing ever since, but sadly so has the number of rough sleepers on our streets.’

As well as providing food and drinks, Helping Hands provide clothing, toiletries and other essential items.

They provide guidance for finding work and accommodation and direct homeless people to other services they may benefit from.

Members of the public alert Helping Hands if they come across a rough sleeper needing assistance.

DeeAnn said: ‘Last week we were informed of a homeless gentleman who had had all of his possessions stolen.

‘Within a few hours we had managed to supply him with a sleeping bag, rucksack, pop-up tent, clean clothes and essentials for his dog.’

Tomorrow night the public are invited to the function room of the Rose in June pub, Milton, from 7.45pm, to discuss how they can help.