GRAPHIC PICTURES: Student undergoes surgery after ‘false widow’ spider bite

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A STUDENT has been left with a gaping hole in his leg after being bitten by a ‘false widow’ spider at his new home.

Anthony Lane, 21, had just moved into his house in Darlington Road, Southsea, when he woke up one morning to find a small black bite on his left leg.

Anthony Lane's bandaged spider bite

Anthony Lane's bandaged spider bite

Worried about what may have caused it, he searched on YouTube and found videos showing false widow spider bites.

When he went to his doctor’s surgery Anthony, who plays football in the University of Portsmouth’s second team, was given antibiotics.

But as the wound grew in size and looked as though it was decaying, he went back and was sent up to accident and emergency at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

Within a day he was under the knife having surgery.

Anthony Lane playing football

Anthony Lane playing football

The sports development and management degree student said: ‘I was bitten in my sleep by what I believe was a false widow.

‘On YouTube I searched exactly what it was and saw that somebody put exact pictures of what I’ve got.

‘It was red with a tiny little black circle with dead skin and it spreads and spreads.’

When he got to A&E a surgeon assessed his leg, admitted him and operated the next day.

The spider bit on Anthony Lane's leg

The spider bit on Anthony Lane's leg

Anthony said he is now unable to play his first football fixture against Brighton.

‘I can’t play for my university football team which is annoying,’ he said.

Anthony, who discharged himself on the same day of the operation, added: ‘I went straight to A&E, they looked at it and it took ages because a surgeon had to see it.

‘She said “now I’ve seen it I can’t let you go home” and I was put on antibiotics through drips.

Student Anthony Lane was bitten by a false widow spider

Student Anthony Lane was bitten by a false widow spider

‘They put me in a bed for the night and operated the next day.’

He added: ‘They thought it was an abscess where it was sticking out of my leg.

‘I’ve come out and I’ve got a hole in my leg.

‘I’ve got the dressing, I’ve got to go in every day.’

The hole measures 2cm deep, and is 4cm by 3cm wide and long.

He added: ‘If ‘I’d stayed doing the antibiotics, the man at A&E said it would have doubled in size.’

A false widow spider

A false widow spider