Hampshire Police adopt plan to protect officers from assaults

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HAMPSHIRE’s police force has formally adopted a plan to promise to investigate all incidents of assaults on its officers.

A seven-point plan, which came from John Apter, Hampshire Police Federation chairman, was formally adopted yesterday. It includes verbal abuse as well as physical assault.

Hampshire Constabulary is the first in the country to have developed such a plan.

The plan itself is being rolled out nationally to other forces, including the Metropolitan Police who have dubbed it Operation Hampshire.

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney said: ‘Assaults should never be seen as “just part of the job”.

‘Officers and staff come into contact with people who are sometimes going through the worst experiences of their lives, but this doesn’t give the people the right to ever verbally or physically abuse our people.

‘An attack on one of our officers or staff is an attack on all of us.’

Mr Apter added: ‘Police officers and staff perform a difficult and often dangerous job, they deserve to be looked after if they are assaulted while performing their role.

‘Nobody should expect to be assaulted just because they do the job they do.’