Here’s when Portsmouth’s bin collection changes will be introduced in your street

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Changes to bin collections in Portsmouth are going to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Following trials in parts of the city earlier this year, bins that are capable of holding 140 litres – roughly three bin bags’ worth – are being provided to homes.

Black bin collections

Black bin collections

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Here is all you need to know:

Why are the changes happening?

Council bosses introduced the trial to see if residents could reduce the amount of waste left out weekly conditions.

In turn it is hoped that the city’s recycling rate will be increased, which is among the worst in Hampshire.

When will my street get a new bin?

Many streets across Portsmouth have already had the new bin changes implemented, either through the trial or the early weeks of the roll-out.

The council says the roll-out should be completed by the end of November.

Each week a number of new roads will be introduced to the scheme, and there is a full list of the dates on the Portsmouth City Council website.

To see the full list, and to find out when your street will get a new bin, click here.

What will happen to weekly collections?

Homes will either get a wheeled bin or up to three standard bin bags a week – the council will write to homeowners to let them know when they will receive them.

There is no cost for homeowners and there will be no change in collection days.

What about recycling?

Homeowners can recycle paper/card, plastic bottles, aerosols and tins/cans in their green recycling bin.

What does the council say?

Cllr Dave Ashmore, the council's head of environment, explained the need for the bins. He said: 'We're aware that Portsmouth could perform better on recycling and are working hard on the issue, along with our with our waste disposal partners Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council.

'Our new wheelie bin scheme is designed to improve the situation, by encouraging people not to put recycling into their ordinary rubbish. Trials of the scheme have shown increases in recycling.’

For more information on the new bin changes go to the Portsmouth City Council website.