HMS Dragon’s new kit will help Royal Navy to save cash

Work on the Sea-Cores system on HMS Dragon
Work on the Sea-Cores system on HMS Dragon
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SHE is the Royal Navy’s most advanced destroyer. And now, HMS Dragon could earn the title of the most efficient too, thanks to new cutting-edge technology.

The Portsmouth-based warship came out of a major year-long refit in July.

HMS Dragon

HMS Dragon

Since then she has been testing a host of state-of-the-art kit, from new weapons systems to hi-tech computers.

Now the Type 45 destroyer is trialling the latest efficiency software designed to monitor equipment and improve fuel and energy performance – in real time.

The gear, which was installed on Dragon at Portsmouth Naval Base, would make the ship even more deadly and effective while on deployment.

Known as Ship Energy Assessment – Condition Optimisation & Routing Enhancement System (Sea-Cores), the kit was created and funded by a consortium led by defence giants BAE Systems.

Chris Courtaux, head of engineering and energy services at BAE, said: ‘Modern warships are increasingly advanced and their systems produce a huge amount of data for our engineers to monitor and evaluate.

‘The information from Sea-Cores gives the crew a unique insight into how their vessel is performing and informs longer term predictions, impacting on the remaining useful life of the hull.

‘Our technology will provide the Royal Navy with valuable information that will enable it to make better decisions about how its fleet plans for and conducts operations.’

The software utilises the wealth of information gathered by the ship’s systems and assesses how the engineers can improve their vessel’s performance.

It can analyse monitor a variety of factors affecting the fuel performance including energy, stress, vibration, trim, hull and propeller state.

By assessing these and giving top advice to the ship’s company, the new kit can help to the navy cut costs.

The system is being tested until the end of this month.