Huge lorry will be causing major delays in Portsmouth on Sunday and these are the roads that will be affected

Abnormal load will be travelling through Portsmouth on Sunday. Picture: Dan Jessup
Abnormal load will be travelling through Portsmouth on Sunday. Picture: Dan Jessup
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An abnormal load will be moved through Portsmouth this weekend and residents are being warned to avoid it. 

It will be travelling from the Portsmouth International Port to the National Grid Substation at Lovedean on Sunday, August 12, during the morning. 

This is the route the abnormal lorry is taken

This is the route the abnormal lorry is taken

A Super Grid Transformer is the abnormal load which is being moved and it is part of an upgrade at the substation which supplies homes, hospitals, schools and businesses in the area with electricity.

The abnormal load will be the equivalent of having three standard everyday HGV vehicles in a row and two abreast or having six London Buses travelling in convoy.

Liam McLoughlin, senior projects manager at Collett & Sons who are moving the abnormal load, said: ‘Enabling works and planning started in early 2018 for this movement.

‘We have been working with the Hampshire Police in order to minimise disruption and ensure a safe passage for the convoy.

‘The route has been used before for the delivery of Heavy Transformers, it has been recently assessed and assured by various parties and it is still the route deemed the most suitable.

‘In addition to the Police, we have notified Portsmouth City and Hampshire Councils who have in turn, provided road space and engineers to modify sections of the route.

‘In some areas Street Furniture will be temporarily removed.

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‘These items are ones identified by our pre-planning swept path surveys as pinch-points for our loaded trailer on its journey to the Substation.

‘In other areas, particularly at the start of the route, we have requested parking restrictions.

‘These concern parts of Twyford Ave and Northern Parade with the restrictions being essential to ensure access and egress for the laden Girder Bridge trailer.

‘It is hoped that the residents oblige and follow the restriction notices. 

‘We have planned the Project with safety and the mitigation of disturbance to the general public in mind.

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‘However, the likelihood is that there will be some delay to road users on the Sunday, August 12.

‘We would like to apologise in advance for any delays and ask that the instructions from the Police and Collett Escort vehicles are adhered to.’

This is the route the abnormal load is taking

- Departs Portsmouth International Port via Prospect Road at 8am – travelling 10m 

- Flathouse Road – 100m 

- Princess Royal Way – 200m 

- A3 - 200m 

- Mile End Road – 400m 

- A3 – 3km

- Unclassified Road – 900m 

- A27 – 3.7km 

- Unclassified Road – 500m 

- A3(M) – 6.6km 

- B2149 – 630m 

- A3 – 800m 

- Lovedean Lane – 2km

- Day Lane – 600m 

- Broadway Lane – 100m 


The abnormal load will depart the port at 8am on Sunday, arriving at the A27 at approximately 9am before reaching the A3(M) at around 10am. 

It is due to arrive at Lovedean Lane at 11am and will carry out manouevers to enter the substation site at noon on Sunday.