Inside the Portsmouth Chinese takeaway with ‘incredible lack of hygiene’ 

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A Portsmouth Chinese takeaway was left with a hefty fine after an environmental health inspectors found that there was an 'incredible lack of hygiene’. 

Golden Boat in Cosham was closed on the spot on August 24 last year after the unexpected inspection.

Pictures from inside the takeaway

Pictures from inside the takeaway

With health inspectors discovering cooling food had been left out uncovered for hours, walls and floors needed deep cleaning and repairing and grease was leaking from the extractor system.

Pictures from inside the Golden Boat show how it was ‘kept in a poor hygienic state’ – click the link at the top of the page to see them. 

The takeaway’s boss Haixia Ren, 39, of Albert Road, Cosham, pleaded guilty to five food safety and hygiene offences at Portsmouth’s Magistrates’ Court and was fined £2,250. 

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Inspectors returned on August 25, 2017 and found cleanliness and conditions had improved.

Golden Boat was allowed to reopen on August 30, but staff were told the place still needed work. 

A further inspection was then carried out on October 11.

On February 8 this year the business was re-inspected and given a hygiene rating of 4 stars.

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Magistrates fined Ren £450 for each offence: 

- food not being protected from contamination

- failing to implement an effective food safety management system

- failing to ensure staff were effectively supervised and trained in food hygiene matters.

She was also fined for kitchen equipment not being properly cleaned and kept in good conditions and because the extractor, doors, floors and walls were not in good condition or easy to clean.

Magistrates, Mr Audus and Mrs Gordon, ordered Ren to pay £1,000 towards the council’s cost in bringing the case and a £45 victim surcharge – bringing the total to £3,295.

Miss Ren’s solicitor said she wanted to close the business when she first took it over to get things into shape but could not afford to shut it as she still needed to pay the building’s rent.