‘It's rubbish…. it’s just an Elton John advert’: Readers react to John Lewis’ Christmas advert

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THIS year’s John Lewis Christmas advert has received a mixed response from readers of The News.

The advert, starring Sir Elton John, shows a dressing-gown clad Sir Elton gently tapping out the opening notes to Your Song - his first major hit - before viewers are taken back through key moments in his life with scenes of him on stadium tours, travelling on a private jet, recording Your Song, playing the piano in a local pub and performing in a school recital.

It ends with a four-year-old Elton running down the stairs on Christmas morning and unwrapping his grandmother's gift of her piano - a scene ‘inspired by real events’ but involving ‘some creativity’, the department store said.

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But readers of The News have had a lukewarm response to the advert – with many claiming it to be an Elton John advert, rather than a John Lewis one.

Elaine Torrington said: ‘More like 'Elton John this is your life' rather than a Christmas advert.’

What do you make of The Boy and The Piano. Picture: John Lewis and Partners/PA Wire

What do you make of The Boy and The Piano. Picture: John Lewis and Partners/PA Wire

Cassandra Ingram Ferreira said: ‘It's a advert that's all about Elton John… boring.’

Lynne Whicker added: ‘Rubbish, it’s all about Elton John like they are advertising a film about his life. Not really a Christmas advert.

‘Go back to the drawing board John Lewis.’

But others have said that the advert lives up to expectations, with a powerful meaning behind it.

Em Sanderson said: ‘The meaning of the advert is fab, it’s not the fact it’s about Elton John – it could have been about anyone – but that his mum or nan brought him the piano as a boy and now look at him.

‘He’s remembering happy times whilst sat at the same piano and I think that’s lovely, made me cry.’

Kelly Turner said: ‘I like it. It shows that a gift can last a lifetime.’