Let’s make city safe for drivers and bike riders

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Cyclists and motorists – they should be the best of friends.

Both are road users who rely on others’ good behaviour, and their own, to keep themselves safe.

But that is not always the case.

As we report today, one cyclist believes the streets of Portsmouth are so unsafe for cyclists that ‘aggression’ is needed.

If that is true, even if it’s not quite as bad as Mark Algar makes out, it’s a sorry state of affairs.

At a time when more people are being encourage to get out of their cars for environmental reasons, it would be a crying shame if when they did, they encountered angry drivers on the roads.

Even more so in Portsmouth, as there can’t be a more bike-friendly city in the UK as it’s pretty much entirely flat.

Mr Algar says the attitude is needed and mentions a recent incident where he was beeped by a driver while passing another cyclist.

We don’t know the expect situation, so it’s hard to comment on that incident, but as a rule, surely it’s not too much to ask for drivers to be courteous to cyclists?

We echo the thoughts of the chairman of Portsmouth Cycling Forum John Spencer.

He says: ‘It’s not necessary or helpful for anyone to go around with the feeling that they need to be aggressive.’

While we understand Mr Algar’s frustrations, surely it’s better to stay calm and cool when either on two wheels or four?

So let’s hope everyone learns a lesson from today’s story.

Drivers, take a moment to think if you find yourself stuck behind a cyclist, before pipping the horn. And bike riders, don’t give drivers any cause for concern by making sure you’re following the highway code to the letter.