Map shows city ranking in safest in the country

The Sunday of this year's Mutiny Festival was cancelled after the deaths of Tommy Cowan and Georgia Jones Picture: Malcolm Wells

Mutiny Festival will return to Portsmouth next year, organisers confirm – but under a new name

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A SURVEY has ranked Portsmouth as the 29th safest city.

The report from Provident Personal Credit is based on a survey of 2,000 people.

It lists 30 cities, with Portsmouth second from bottom.

People were asked to vote out of 10 how safe they felt.

The figures show the result for the city was 6.34, with Southampton placed eighth in the table with a score of 6.93.

Provident has not said how many people from each city voted.

In a statement the firm said: ‘Things are looking bad for people in Portsmouth, going by our data.’

In September last year Portsmouth scored 7.02 and in March it was 5.99.

Sheffield was voted as the unhappiest city.

The firm added: ‘As part of its biannual report Provident has surveyed 2000 Brits to find out how welcoming, friendly, polite, safe and happy residents in each city of the UK feel their community is at present, compared to that of 6 months and one year ago.’

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